Carbon x Pink Boots Collab Brew

Carbon x Pink Boots Collab Brew

We had the honor of hosting the annual Pink Boots Society (PBS) brew day on 27 Feb at our brewery to raise the profile of women in the beer business and had a blast brewing a session IPA – G.L.O.B., using the special Pink Boots Hop Blend.

G.L.O.B. stands for Glorious Ladies Of Brewing

PBS is a nonprofit organisation which supports women in the beer industry through education. Like in many industries, women in the beer industry are often under-celebrated and sometimes mis-represented. But the reality is that there are talented women who brew beer, sell beer and pour beer at your favourite craft beer joints. PBS receives part of the proceeds from sales of the beer.

Thank you to those who came to the G.L.O.B. launch party on 6 April at TAP@The Mills!