Our Story

In Fo Tan, every one of our employees is an essential building blocks of one of the world’s most important organic compound – alcohol! Every brew we create is developed by a Carbon employee, vetted and voted by the entire Carbon crew before it ends up in the production line. We brew with all the passion, skills, dreams, and experience of our team; out of the respect for the ingredients our supplier work hard to grow, and out of our gratitude for your support and trust.


<b>1 BU</b><br>hazy pale ale

<b>All Day Breakfast</b><br>americano stout


<b>Riders On The Hop</b><br>IPA

<b>My Big Fat Belli-ni</b><br>Milkshake IPA

<b>Hope & Perseverance</b><br>Double IPA

<b>Earth People</b><br>post-prohibition lager

<b>G.L.O.B.</b><br>Session IPA

<b>Little Rich Lupulins</b><br>NEIPA

<b>The Baltic Proper</b><br>Baltic Porter

<b>Feels Good Man</b><br>Dry-hopped Wheat

<b>Kveik Draw</b><br>Dry-hopped Sour

<b>Crazy Rich Lupulins</b><br>double hazy IPA

<b>Meringue-utang</b><br>pavlova double neipa

<b>Sour Punch</b><br>Fruit Punch Berliner Weisse

<b>Campfire Nights</b><br>S′more rye Irish red

tool x carbon brews - Tears of Fury - Chili Stout

<b>Tears of Fury</b><br>Chili Imperial Stout

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