Our Story

Carbon is a Hong Kong brewery that’s breaking boundaries, shaking up the scene – and doing it all with the you, the drinker, in mind. Our beers are brewed for the people, particularly for those who think they don’t like beer. We love our classic styles and crafty brands – but we feel there’s so much more to beer than what we’re brought up to believe.

Year-Round Beers

<b>Feels Good Man</b><br>Dry-hopped Wheat

<b>Crazy Rich Lupulins</b><br>double hazy IPA

<b>Earth People</b><br>post-prohibition lager

<b>Baby Rich Lupulins</b><br>Session Hazy IPA

<b>Staying Alive</b><br>Session IPA

<b>Sour Punch</b><br>Fruit Punch Berliner Weisse

Where to find carbon brews?