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Carbon Brews is an award-winning local brewery that strives to bring excitement to the Hong Kong beer drinkers.


Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2021

Best IPA 2021 – Like The Wind
Best Pale Lager 2021 – Earth People

Gold Award 2021 – Crazy Rich Lupulins, Earth People, Funky Rich Lupulins V3, Like The Wind

Silver Award 2021 – Dark Soul Bourbon, Feels Good Man, Sour Punch

Asia Beer Championship 2021

Silver – Baltic Proper, Young Wild & 3

Bronze- Crazy Rich Lupulins

International Beer Cup

Silver – Follow The Flow

Bronze – Earth People, Sour Punch

Australia International Beer Awards

Gold –  All Funked Up

Bronze – Crazy Rich Lupulins, Staying Alive, Feels Good Man, Rogg & Waddle, Baltic Proper, Four of a Kind, A Year To Forget, Choco Rainforest 2020, Funky Rich Lupulins v3.0


Cathay Pacific – HK International Wine & Spirit Competition

Best Beer 2020Funky Rich Lupulins v2

Gold – Funky Rich Lupulins v.2, Crazy Rich Lupulins, All Day Breakfast, Staying Alive, Earth People


International Beer Cup

Gold – Sour Punch

Cathay Pacific – HK International Wine & Spirit Competition

Gold – Hope & Perseverance (Collaboration with Heretic), Little Rich Lupulins

Silver – Crazy Rich Lupulins, Sour Punch

Bronze – Earth People, Riders on the Hop

Asia Beer Championship 2019

Silver – Choco Rainforest

Bronze – The Baltic Proper, Little Rich Lupulins

Chairman’s Selection – My Big Fat Belli-Ni

Australia International Beer Awards

Gold – Kamehameha (Collaboration with Coedo)

Silver – Dubbel Edged, Earth People, Shadow In the Mind

Bronze – G.L.O.B., Sour Punch


China Craft Beer Award

Silver – Bio Hazy #1