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Sweet As Pils

New Zealand Pilsner

ABV: 4.3% | IBU: 25

Sweet as pils, generously hopped with New Zealand hops, pours a radiant light straw with brilliant clarity and a creamy head. Our beer exudes biscuity, cracker aromas together with delightful citrusy and stone fruit notes. The finish is dry and crisp, with a balanced bitterness lingering into the aftertaste. A light and easy-drinking go-to pilsner for all – sweet as mate!

Little Rich Lupulins v.12

Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 22

Emitting a playful dankness, the aroma is bursting with gooseberry, stone fruit, nectarine and lime zest. Showcasing New Zealand hops at their best, our beer is full of peach, white grape, feijoa, pear and guava on the palate, with a smooth and juicy mouthfeel.pairing!

Sweet, Tart, Sour, Heart

Caramel Apple Kettle Sour

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 12

Packed full of Taiwanese apples and infused with all of our favourite festive spices, Sweet, Tart, Sour, Heart emits joyful aromas of cinnamon, apple, nutmeg and allspice, together with luscious stone fruits.

Little Rich Lupulins v.11

Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 22

Triple dry-hopped IPA with experimental YCH 301 hops, pours a brilliant hazy straw, radiating that unmistakable dank, grassy and resinous characteristic of the fresh hops, with lavish notes of mango, dank citrus, and tropical fruits. The beer is juicy and smooth while retaining subtle bitterness.

Gettin’ Jelly Wit It

PBJ Milkshake IPA

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 20

Gettin’ Jelly Wit a PBJ Milkshake IP pours a brilliant pale gold with delightful haze and immediately radiates raspberry, strawberry, and subtle caramel.
The palate showcases slightly savoury peanut butter, vanilla, ripe raspberry, and strawberry, perfectly complemented by delicate notes of mango and peach.

Artist: Yan Chan

Mangoes Crazy

Mango Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 25

A fresh juicy IPA with an distinct kick of fruitiness from the generous addition of Mango puree. Our newest hazy IPA, dry hopped by a succulent mix of Sabro and experimental hops HBC 586 and HBC 630, radiates lavish amoras of tropical fruits, ripe mango, passionfruit, papaya, pineapple and peach. Mangoes Crazy is a smooth and crazy-drinkable fruit-forward hazy to quench your thirst during the scorching summer months.

Artist: Katie

Slap Them Melons

Wateremlon Gose

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 6

A gentle aroma of fresh watermelon with a subtle hint of spices and lemon. The mild tartness of the watermelon is balanced perfectly by sea salt for an overall refreshing drinking experience.

Artist: Winnie

Monster Mash

Thiol IPA

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 15

Starts with a bouquet of tropical fruit, strong passion fruit and guava. Secondary notes of citrus and grapefruit follow through. Drinks with low to medium bitterness that is balanced by the residual sweetness and fruity hop profile. Creamy silky mouthfeel with medium body.

Artist: Katie

We Gotcha!

West Coast IPA

ABV: 6.2% | IBU: 50

West Coast IPA packed full of Idaho 7, cryo pop, hbc 630 and mosaic. Delicate floral notes with cantaloupe melon, dank with citrus, grapefruit and subtle pine on the palate with a balanced and refreshing bitterness.

Purple Rain

Kettle Sour

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 8

Pours a beautiful deep purple with great foam retention, lots of nice floral notes from the lavender and plenty of citrus coming through. Nice lemon zest with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Artist: Yaya

Little Rich Lupulins v.10

Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 22

Packed full of newly arrived 2021 crop hops giving ripe stone fruit with nice peach and apricot coming through with some bubblegum and citrus on aroma. Super smooth and bursting full of juicy fruit.

Double Vision

Double IPA

ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 75

This is a hop focused and fruit forward DIPA. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Pacifica which help give it a little dankness with orange blossom and pine on aroma. Citrus and grapefruit on the palate with a resinous hoppy finish leaving you craving more.

Artist: Winnie

Black to the future

Black Double IPA

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 70

This black IPA is made with a good quantity of roasted malts and a big dry hop with some classic American hops. Aromas of roasted coffee, pine and citrus. Earthy, a little caramel and dark chocolate on the palate balancing with the citrus flavors.

Artist: Katie

Little Rich Lupulins v.9

Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 22

Packed full of fresh NZ hops and bursting with ripe stonefruit, lemon, feijoa and grapefruit. Juicy and dank with citrus, gooseberry and white wine.

Blonde Vorange

Tangerine Blonde

ABV: 6.0% | IBU: 15

Strong phenolic aromas from the yeast, tangerine, apricot and a little banana. On the palate, biscuit, tangerine ,honey and a little spice. Refreshing and crushable.

Artist: Winnie

Peachy Lil’ Beach

Sour Milkshake IPA

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 8

Tropical fruits dominate with Passionfruit, peach raspberry. On the palate the lacto souring comes through with stonefruit becoming more prominant, subtle vanilla. Mouthwatering and refreshing.

Artist: Winnie


Pina Colada Sour

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 6

Aromas of coconut, pineapple with a subtle vanilla. On the palatte coconut & rum with some lemon and pineapple coming through. Smooth mouthfeel balances perfectly with the acidity from the souring.

Artist: Katie

Little Rich Lupulins v.8

Hazy IPA

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 22

Pineapple, papaya and citrus burst through on aroma, juicy with dry mango and papaya dominating on the palate.

Second Punch

Berry Lime Berliner Weisse

ABV: 4.5% | IBU:6

Pours a beautiful crimson red color. Strong aromas and flavors of keylime and blackberry which balance perfectly with the underlying lemon tartness from the kettle souring. Mouthwatering, refreshing and packed full of fruit.

The Baltic Proper

Baltic Porter

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 38

On the nose espresso, coffee, chocolate. On the palate silky smooth with toasty biscuit and coffee coming through.

Artist: James Woodward

Momo Mango

Milk Shake IPA

ABV: 5.9% | IBU: 20

Mango and vanilla prominent on the nose with hints of peach. On the palate, a creamy mouthfeel with mango balancing perfectly with the sweetness of the vanilla.

Artist: Yaya