Carbon Family! 8 – Dias

Carbon Family! 8 – Dias

Brewer – Dias Zhumashev

Our Brewer Dias aka. the Hulk is from Kazakhstan.  When he’s not on the brew deck, he’s Carbon’s undefeated arm wrestling champion. When Dias is not arm wrestling, he is actually a very sensible person, and he is always looking out to give you a helping hand when you need it. 

Dias studied beverage biotechnology in university, and he worked in breweries in France, Kazakhstan, and Hong Kong after his graduation. 📚 He thinks craft beer is an excellent combination of science and art. Working at Carbon Brews, Dias keeps wondering how far we can go as we constantly push boundaries. 🪄

Our second-anniversary wheat wine, Two Infinity and Beyond, by Derek is Dias’s favourite, and he thinks it is an incredible brewing balance with perfect barrel aging. 


Dias 認為精釀啤酒完美結合咗科學同藝術,而喺Carbon Brews工作,佢希望我哋用不斷突破界限嘅衝勁可以走得更遠!Dias最鐘意層次感強,同木桶產生完美平衡嘅二週年啤 Two infinity & beyond~