Carbon Family! 1 – Conor

Carbon Family! 1 – Conor

Brand Head Brewer – Conor Hogan

We’re blessed to have Conor come all the way to Hong Kong from Ireland (with his pair of hot flare jeans) to join Carbon Brews. Conor thinks working in the craft beer industry is one of the few jobs in life where you get paid to do something you would normally do in your spare time. His favourite aspect of working in Carbon Brews is having a fridge that is always full of good beers that people want to drink.

When not brewing, he can be found on the mountains trail running. His secret is he’ll always have a safety beer for the mountain top to enjoy the view with a reward.

Carbon brews 係一間員工自主啤酒廠,細至命名、大至產品研發大家都可以有話事權。咁就當然唔少得要介紹下我地嘅隊員,等大家認識我哋多啲!而第一個登場嘅就係嚟自愛爾蘭 — 我哋嘅Brand Head Brewer – Conor Hogan!