Carbon Family! 6 – Joel Heffernan

Carbon Family! 6 – Joel Heffernan

Lead Brewer – Joel Heffernan

Time to introduce Joel, our lead brewer. Joel is from Australia and spent many years in hospitality before entering the craft beer industry. He thinks it is challenging to create unique craft beer with new ingredients and was excited to work for a company that makes beers that don’t taste like beers!

Working at a brewery is physically demanding, but Joel enjoys working with his fun and creative colleagues at Carbon, and with the bonus that the product contains alcohol. Besides work, his greatest achievements are the modular synthesizers, hiking, and the time away from civilization with his wife and dog.

His favourite beer? Probably a pint of draught Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, in the Australian sun, looking at the beach. It is a very nostalgic memory that makes him homesick.



Joel最鍾意嘅啤酒係 Stone and Wood Pacific Ale,喺澳洲嘅陽光下凝望海灘,係一種家嘅思念。