Carbon Family! 7 – Matt Bradley

Carbon Family! 7 – Matt Bradley

Packaging Supervisor  – Matt Bradley

Matt, our packaging supervisor is from South Africa. He has 5 years of experience in the brewing industry and is always surrounded by beer and through his family brewery in South Africa. After graduating from the Siebel Institute Matt moved over to Hong Kong. 

In his words, Carbon Brews is an incredible place to work as the team is passionate about what they do, we work hard and always have time to down a beer at the end of the day. Matt enjoys tasting every beer prior to packaging and ensuring that it is always up to standard so everyone can enjoy it! 

Crazy Rich Lupulins is his favourite beer and he will drink beers and manage his fantasy football team in his spare time. 


喺佢眼中嘅 Carbon Brews 喺一個成員們都充滿熱情嘅地方,大家一齊努力工作,黃昏時會以啤酒結束一天嘅辛勞。令Matt最感興奮係莫過於喺入罐前飲用嘅每一款啤酒,確保佢地乎合標準供人享受。

悄悄話你知,Matt最鐘意飲Crazy Rich Lupulins,閒時佢會飲下酒外仲會管理一隊足球隊添!