Carbon Family! 2 – Richie

Carbon Family! 2 – Richie

Packaging Technician / Keg Master – Richie Mark Villacorte

Richie is from the Philippines and he just joined our team this year! He had no experience in brewing beer before joining us but he’s learning something new about craft beer every day! He is one of the most motivated guy you’ll meet in the HK craft beer industry!

Our keg master likes watching and playing basketball and Crazy Rich Lupulins is his favourite beer!
Fun facts about Richie: I’m dreaming of being sober for my whole life. Cheers!

Carbon brews 係一間員工自主啤酒廠,細至命名、大至產品研發大家都可以有話事權。咁就當然唔少得要介紹下我地嘅隊員,等大家認識我哋多啲!

今日要介紹嘅成員就係 Richie Mark Villacorte,係我地嘅Packaging Technician / Keg Master!Richie係菲律賓人,今年新加入Carbon Brews嘅團隊。之前無釀酒經驗嘅佢話每日都可以學到新嘢同進步係佢嘅酒廠做嘢的推動力。

閒時佢嘅興趣係打籃球,最愛酒精度高嘅Crazy Rich Lupulins!