We are all carbon people! 3 – Dennis Ho

We are all carbon people! 3 – Dennis Ho

This time we have Dennis, the guitarist of Hong Kong indie band Seasons of Change! Our friend Kuloming introduced Dennis to the world of craft beer a few years ago. Since then, they’ve been frequenting TAP – The Ale Project to try different kinds of beers together.

He was impressed by the richer hops and malts flavor, complex aroma that he experienced in craft beer. The different types of beers bring him a lot of emotional changes, especially when he wants to find some music inspiration.

The explosive fruitiness of a Double Hazy IPA – Crazy Rich Lupulins can represent joy; a Fruit Punch Berliner Weisse – Sour Punch can be the inspiration muse. Go follow @dennishole @seasonsforchange and don’t miss their beer-inspired music next time!

今次我哋同本地獨立樂隊 Seasons For Change 嘅結他手 Dennis喺 TAP – The Ale Project見面,原來佢係由同隊的鼓手 Kulo Ming 介紹下開始接觸精釀啤酒。

精釀啤酒有更多層次,更重嘅啤酒花以及麥芽香氣。唔同的啤酒類型都可以帶俾 Dennis 唔同嘅氣氛體驗。例如果味爆發嘅 Crazy Rich Lupulins 可以代表到亢奮的心情;要靈感「叮一叮」自己嘅時候就可以飲下果酸味較高嘅 Sour Punch!

🎼呢兩日(7月10-11日),佢地同其他本地樂隊會喺麥花臣場館進行演出!Miss咗今次的話記得follow佢地個page @dennishole @seasonsforchange 支持一下香港音樂!