We are all carbon people! 5 – Ding Yung

We are all carbon people! 5 – Ding Yung

We went to visit Ding Yung today, owner of Yan Shang Kee. The moment you step into her store, you feel the old Hong Kong vibes that you can only find in movies nowadays. After admiring the beauty of the place, we sat down with Ding to talk about how she got to know Carbon Brews.

As a friend of our Operations and QC Supervisor Ryan, Ding has started to grow interest in Carbon Brews by learning Ryan’s day to day work at the brewery. Ding is especially intrigued by Carbon Brews’ label designs and beer names where she finds similarities with the colorful Qipao dresses of Yan Shang Kee. She thinks that each of the dresses and beers has a story behind waiting to be discovered.
Ding sources the fabrics from all around the world. Besides Qipao rental in Yan Shang Kee, they also provide tailor-made service. In many people’s minds, wearing Qipao is just like dressing up for a special occasion and they will feel confident walking in the street. Yan Shang Kee is determined to bring back the “beauty” of Qipao to the Hong Kong clothing culture like how Carbon strives to introduce the “beauty” of beers to the Hong Kong drinkers!

是日我哋去咗拜訪嫣裳記老闆娘 — Ding Yung,喺看似風馬牛不相及嘅兩個行業裡一探究竟!甫踏進店內,隨即好似入左舊香港嘅世界咁,倒咗杯酒坐低,聊聊 Ding 同 Carbon 相遇嘅故事。

Ding 同我哋嘅成員Ryan 係好朋友,望住Ryan喺Ig分享嘅酒廠日常,而對Carbon Brews產生咗興趣。尤其是我哋各有特色嘅啤酒命名、圖案標籤,同嫣裳記色彩豐富嘅旗袍一樣,每個都有背後嘅故事。