We are all carbon people! 1 – Loreley Dragon Boat

We are all carbon people! 1 – Loreley Dragon Boat

Carbon Brews for Carbon People. We believe that good beer brings people together. In this series, we will interview the different Carbon People that we’ve met in Hong Kong and hear what they have to say about Carbon Brews!

First up, we have Loreley Dragon Boat Team! They have a long history in Hong Kong and have participated in various dragon boat races around Hong Kong. They like beers because Dragon Boating is thirsty work, and it’s great to reward themselves after training hard with some tasty beers.

Among all Carbon Brews beers, Feels Good Man is probably the team’s favorite. It’s a tasty wheat beer that goes down particularly well at the beach on a hot day after racing. Just like the name, it Feels Good Man!

Team Loreley will participate at the Stanley Race – Championships Pre-Race on June 14. Cheer on Loreley Dragon Boat racers!

我哋一直相信啤酒係能夠連結唔同嘅人 — 只要有好飲嘅酒就算大家背景不盡相同都可以有傾有講!所以我哋揾嚟咗幾位唔同背景、職業嘅carbon people,了解下佢地眼中嘅carbon brews 又係點的樣!

首先登場嘅係暴風女神, 一隊成立已久,經常參加香港龍舟比賽,成員嚟自世界各地嘅一隊香港龍舟隊。佢哋表示喺辛苦嘅訓練後,無野正得過用一罐好飲又解渴嘅啤酒獎勵一下自己!

喺咁多款Carbon Brews啤酒入面,Feels Good Man係隊伍嘅飛佛。呢款小麥啤酒非常適合炎夏嘅沙灘,尤其喺比賽之後,真係酒如其名,it Feels Good Man!