We are all carbon people! 2 – Timmy Lam

We are all carbon people! 2 – Timmy Lam

This time we have Timmy, Head Barista of Omotesando Koffee! We met Timmy, when he came to our brewery to talk about the specialty coffee in the Group 14 session where launched our Experimental Series Vol.3.

We learned that coffee and beer have a lot in common. From fermentation to roasting and the different techniques to manipulate aroma and flavour profiles.

Timmy’s favourite Carbon Brews beer is Sour Punch! The beer’s dry and thirst-quenching finish makes it a perfect to drink in places with hot weather, like Tap Mun where he grew up in!
What’s your favourite beer from Carbon Brews?

今日我哋介紹嘅carbon people就係 Omotesando koffee首席咖啡師 — Timmy! 佢認識Carbon brews 嘅契機,就係我哋喺上年Group14 嘅活動入面,邀請Timmy介紹喺Experimental Series vol.3 加入的特選咖啡豆。

☕其實咖啡同啤酒都有好多類同嘅地方,由麥芽 / 生豆的深淺烘焙、處理方法到聞香都有好大嘅學問!

而自細係塔門長大嘅Timmy 表示最鐘意酸爽又啱哂炎炎夏日嘅sour punch!唔知你哋又最愛邊款carbon brews 推出嘅啤酒呢?