Experimental Series Vol.6 (VIP)

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We decided to take you guys to Provence, France. We have brewed a Lavender Sour to make you feel like having presence there! Mark your calendars now and register at the link below. See you there!

[Experimental Series Vol.6 – Lavender Sour]
Location: Carbon Brews
Date: 28 Nov (Sat)
Time: 2PM to 4PM
Tickets: Free of charge, but exclusive to wholesale client only (Max 2 tickets per location)

Lavender Sour
Kettle Sour
ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 6
A kettle sour infused with lavender and lemon zest. Pours with a purple hue, lavender and floral on aroma and drinks with a refreshing lemon tartness from the zest and lacto souring.

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Event Details

Start date: November 28, 2020

End date: November 28, 2020

Start time: 14:00 HKT

End time: 16:00 HKT

Venue: carbon brews

Email: info@carbonbrews.com